Education is the process of Learning and acquiring knowledge at school from a teacher, acquiring knowledge at home from a parent, a relative, and an acquaintance. Education is a key which enables people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and succeed in life. Education is one variable that affects job positions people hold, progress within their further career, the income they make, and the name they hold. The more educated a man is, the more prestige and power that individual holds. However, unfortunately we have got areas on earth, where not everybody has an opportunity or opportunity to get formal education. India is amongst the nations, where there is a high population of people that are illiterate. Almost, 55 percent of the populace in India is illiterate.


The majority of the people living in villages spend majority of the time in cultivating crops and harvesting their subjects and do not find it necessary to be educated in order to harvest their fields to perform household chores. The women living in villages marry at a young age and after become busy with family and performing household chores. According to Indian belief, women commonly get married at a young age and are advised to stay home and look after the household rather than studying or working. That is the reason lot of parents in India are concerned about getting their daughter married instead of her schooling. I can provide you an example in my own life. When I was in India, I wanted to get additional education and fulfill my fantasy. Based on what society thinks, I wished to pursue my career in the medical care area to serve my community. The support from my loved ones, especially my grandfather, gave me the strength to keep my dream alive. I was 18 years old when we moved into the United States, and the transition into a nation that is different culturally, academically, and politically was not straightforward.

I did not know what I could do with my life when I came to the States. The transition was difficult for my parents also. The need for locating a business, concern you with my sibling’s schooling and me and adjusting in a new environment was definitely hard. After doing the majority of college in India, it was hard for me to start over my school education. My father’s brother, who’s a doctor, motivated me to keep my dream alive to follow a career in medicine. I began my education in the community college, where I fought with most of my courses in the first year since the educational system was different than the one, I was used to. I joined clubs and other organizations in the college to find out more about the healthcare careers.

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